Personal Injury Trial Lawyers Negotiate Accident Claim Settlements

Personal Injury Trial Lawyers Negotiate Accident Claim Settlements
Personal Injury Lawyers are In Demand in Toronto

If you can believe the headlines, Toronto’s streets are choked with vehicles - and people suffering injuries as a result of accidents. Although the media tends to sensationalize the state of our roads, it is true that personal injury trial lawyers are busy.


Personal injury lawyers are experienced in achieving settlements covering an astonishing variety of motor vehicle claims. These include but are not limited to commercial vehicles, motorcycles, public transportation, bicycle crashes, pedestrian accidents and incidents involving recreational vehicles and watercraft.


But in downtown Toronto it is mostly cars, bikes and pedestrians that are at risk and the statistics don’t lie – numbers are indeed rising.

Trials if Necessary…


People who are making claims after being injured in accidents are rarely keen to go to trial. It’s another pressure-filled event, on top of what is often a difficult recovery from injuries. And the outcomes of trials are not predictable. So it is far more likely that personal injury lawyers will negotiate a settlement – either quickly with the insurer (if the claim is straightforward) or in discovery or pre-trial situations. Trials are always a last resort.


It helps that in many cases standard benefits are covered under the Ontario Insurance Act and adhere to precise amounts. Accident benefits can include:

·       Income replacement

·       Coverage for a caregiver

·       Non-earner benefits

·       Medical and rehabilitation compensation

·       Housekeeping and home maintenance

·       Death expenses and funeral costs


The question might arise – if specific remedies are prescribed, why bother with a lawyer? The answer is that the claims process is still relatively complicated, with limitation periods and a need for specific documentation. A personal injury lawyer can determine ALL the benefits to which you are entitled, and then shepherd a claim over the various statutory hurdles. 

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer – Some Tips


The practice of law in Ontario has changed dramatically over the past decades. Increasingly, the non-criminal branches of law are akin to a service industry, with lawyers competing to go that extra distance to get your business.


To that end, if you are unable to physically attend at a lawyer’s office for meetings, they will come to you. A good firm will also have access to the best medical referrals, for compiling your claim, as well as treatment providers.


In multicultural Toronto, over a quarter of the population does not speak English at home. There are firms in the city that offer legal service in dozens of languages – and this could be an important consideration as you build your claim. Communication is key.